XL Outlet
XL Outlet
How can you transfer online leads offline and estimate the client offline conversion index for the mall category
XL Outlet is an outlet-type mall with a water park, food-court, bowling club, cinema, and a playground. The booths are rented by world-famous brands that offer discounts throughout the year.
We have calculated the real visitor index to help XL Outlet understand the actual client count from the advertising campaign and ads that encourage visitors to visit the mall. It also helps understand the cost per offline client.
  • Winning new mall visitors
Forming slot messages for the target audience
Competitor analysis, analysis of the competitors’ offers
Developing landing pages to encourage mall visits
Starting advertising campaigns with CPA offline conversion
Implementation Steps
To achieve our goal, we have decided to test advertising campaigns in MyTarget for offline conversion.

Using the suppliers’ feed connection, MyTarget system matched MAC addresses of the users who have watched our ads and XL Outlet visitors.

In the entire area of the outlet, radars to detect mobile device IDFA (MAC address) are installed. In the MyTarget account, we installed a feed to transmit the data.
Installing WiFi Radars and Feed Settings
For the first flight of the advertising campaign, we selected the audience visiting competitors’ malls within the radius of 10 km. The data was collected using WiFi radars, installed nearby the objects.

According to the competitors’ concept, the offer creatives were designed to highlight the advantages of XL Outlet.

Brands, offers, and actions were described in the content of the creatives.
As an ad format, we used slide carousels and multi-format ads.
Media Planning
3 ad groups were used at the beginning. 1 group = 1 competitor. Each group included 10 to 12 creatives. Conversion span was 28 days long.
Starting Campaigns
First results helped us select the most effective creatives and ad forms. Outfit offers from brands showing undiscounted prices and discounts show the best efficiency.
First Results and Conclusions
Next Campaign
To improve the outreach, we have added preference segments and distinguished the following ones: merchandise for parents and children’s clothing, sports clothing, fans of sales and discounts, common menswear and womenswear.

Demographics were set as vast as possible – 18 to 50 years. Geography was limited to a radius of 5 km. Traffic locations were set on the freeway towards the mall.

Audience Heat-Up
To improve motivation, we design landings for the key offer of a campaign to heat up the audience and increase the offline conversion coefficient.
Countable Results
$ 0.21
$ 3.42
3,49 %
Minimum offline conversion cost
Maximum offline conversion cost
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