How did we reach conversion for a workwear manufacturer for $2.06
Technoavia is a leading workwear and IPE manufacturer in Russia, CIS countries, Czech Republic, and UAE. The company was established in 1999 and has opened 100+ affiliates since then.
It’s staff is 5.5 K employees.

We started our collaboration with Technoavia in January 2019.
Work within the company to establish the HR brand
Optimize the communication with regular and potential buyers:
-employees in charge of buying workwear for companies
Optimize Technoavia workwear and IPE sales in social networks
Technoavia has years of expertise in workwear production. Along with the client, we figured out that the brand is characteristic of conservative and repressed style — so no TikTok challenge is appropriate.
Briefing and Competitor Analysis
We investigated briefing and competitor profile data and focused on cases, feedback, product reviews, and corporate content. Audience is easier to involve in these sections.
Content Planning
We worked through several campaign hypotheses to find the most effective ones. We set the following goals: subscriber count increase and online conversion.

To bring more subscribers to Instagram, we boosted the most naturally effective posts. In VK and Facebook, we were paid for the actual result.
The following test audiences were used: product-relevant preferences, website traffic, account interactions, look-alike, common preferences in workwear and IPE.
Test Campaign Startup
Double-checking the results of items 2 and 3 — selecting the very best things.
Analysis and Final Startup
Implementation steps
What’s about ads?
Regarding the test campaign results, we selected key audience segments
The audience of welders, builders, oil-extracting and mining industry showed the best results.
Interested in relevant products
We divided the user flow in Technoavia webpages and social network feeds into segments, then we offered them relevant products on the website.
Interacting with our content
Numeric Campaign Results
$ 2.06
$ 4.73
$ 0.15
Minimum cost of the online conversion on the website
Average cost of the online conversion on the website
Average cost of a network follower
Considering the product and a rather low budget, we had a great result.
In 2020, the client entrusted us one more product to manage — Medsuit — a medical and beautician uniform brand.
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