«Kva-Kva Park»
«Kva-Kva Park» in social media
How did we reach conversion for $0.72 and win 170 K TikTok subscribers
Kva-Kva Park in a water park in Moscow, established in 2006. It’s one of the biggest in the Moscow Region: the area of 4,200 sq.m. with 7 huge water slides, SPA programs, and a separate restaurant. It’s a great place to visit for a family.
In 2019, Kva-Kva Park owners redesigned their park and then contacted brandfactory.

Together with them, we set our goals.
Improve the existing Instagram, Facebook, and VK accounts
Bring active audience to the social networks
Build a community of loyal subscribers/followers
Adjust a sales funnel using social networks
Raise the brand recognition and link it to the new identics
Communication strategy has made a big block that helped us understand the sections of the best response (spoiler: UGC).
We did a competitor analysis
People’s posts used to be replied in a day or two — that’s too bad. We accelerated this.
We analyzed the existing content and community
We adapted a company style with Instagram, Facebook, and VK specialties in mind. In other words, we have played with fonts and overcome them.
We adapted the corporate style for social media
We have mentioned UGC — user content became section No 1. АWe also held contests, discussed actions, and played with subscribers.
We established a rubricator and started posting
We made friends with opinion leaders. Now they make posts about Kva-Kva Park in the run-up to newsworthy events Conversion: $2.5 to $5.
We started working with bloggers
Get to know Kva-Kvarick. A jolly little frog has his own Instagram section. He has communicated with visitors and liked photo sessions.
We presented a mascot
Numbers below will tell you everything.
We started and improved the advertising campaigns
Implementation Steps
What’s about ads?
We selected several audience segments for advertising campaigns
enjoyed summertime actions, visited the park on weekends and vacation seasons.
Fans of Activity Holidays
saw holiday actions on Fatherland Defender’s Day, International Women’s Day, and St. Valentine’s Day, said “Gotcha!”, and bought tickets.
Guys and Girls
learned about cool family discounts in Kva-Kva Park.
Families with Children
checked out the birthday actions, got restaurant bonuses, and sweet presents.
Birthday Celebrators
Numeric Campaign Results
$ 0.72 to $ 2.58
$ 0.075 to $ 0.11
+100% ER increase
$ 0.15 to $ 0.22
+32% sales
for a purchase on the website (purchase = 2 to 4 tickets for a family)
for the first 3 months of collaboration
regarding the previous period by keyword activation
for an average Instagram follower
for an average VK follower
is the organic click-through count from social media to Kva-Kva Park website per quarter
Comment communication
brandfactory community fairies know: no guest’s comment shall be unreplied. Even if it’s a sticker with a sad girl underneath the palmtree.
What’s about TikTok?
In 2019, the entire world learned what’s TikTok. That’s when we decided that Kva-Kva Park must enter its wrecks.
What was done
Researching the platform content
We suggested the client to enter TikTok. Effective forms of communication with the target audience needed to be determined.
Collaborations with bloggers
We bought 8 integrations from influencers to give a boost to a growing account.
First results
Results in 28 days
91,8k profile views
In the first month of work
33,5k new subscribers.
views of the most popular video
Total (by August 2021)
153k subscribers
We decided to test it further. We refused to mimic trends and went for the author's ideas. We emphasized the product and its fascinating features.
Format change
We worked on generating new formats and narrative sections. This logic increased engagement and depth of viewing. Now almost every video gets 100K+ views
Brand integration
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