15 leads daily for a hair transplant clinic
HFE is a big Russian clinic for non-surgical hair transplantation. Skilled trichologists do all procedures, hair survivability rate is 90 to 98%.

HFE stands for “Hair ForEver”.
This is a company-patented technology. Hair transplantation is a sensible subject. A subject community like this is hard to build: most people conceal their visits to a trichologist. That’s why they normally don’t repost or comment posts.

Regarding this, we’ve set the tasks.
Making a favorable brand image in social networks
Building an advertisement funnel
A look into trichology particularities: we have familiarized ourselves with HFE terms and methods and read many legal nuances to run ads seamlessly.
We considered platforms hair transplant clinics from CIS and Turkey. Competitors’ ads were aggressive; we did not repeat their approach. Instead, we decided to gain organic leads.
Competitor Analysis
We started making useful and advisory content, inspired from search results and forums. For instance, many people looked up “Is hair transplant painless?” or “How to stop hair loss?” — we worked with such topics.

We published all the reviews, "before and after", and released expert content from HFE specialists on YouTube. It was important to reveal all the details of the "Hair For Ever" technology — it has no analogues in Russia.
Content Strategy
On YouTube, we engaged Sergey Romanovich, a Russian actor starring in Chernobyl: Zone of Exclusion, The Method, and The Crew. He showed himself transplanting a beard using HFE method.
Special Project
Implementation Steps
What’s about ads?
Regarding the test campaign results, we selected key audience segments
Interested in hair care and transplantation
Interacting with HFE website and Yandex.Zen content
Interacting with social network content: YouTube promo watchers who visit the profile
Numeric Campaign Results
$4 to $5
6 to 10
84 000
2 to 5
400 000
for a lead from ads
daily leads from ads
daily leads from Direct and community posts
sales conversion
organic readers of the entire Yandex.Zen article (most popular one)
organic YouTube special project views
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